So much for not even wanting to snog him!! – 1st May

Tuesday 1st I found out today the reason as to why Floyd has been grinning so much every time last Friday gets mentioned….. Cat apparently ended up giving him a hand job in the back of the minibus on the way home! So much for not even wanting to snog him!!

Speaking of Cat, she went to her form tutor (and English teacher), Mrs D, today about Mr L. She decided to do something about it because of how upset Ellie had been and she didn’t want him to pick out any more victims. Sick bastard! Ellie agreed to give her story and Cat was pretty upset cos she felt guilty about doing it. Me and the rest of her friends had to constantly reassure her that she had no reason to feel guilty cos he knew the consequences and tell her she was definitely doing the right thing.

Miss C was the next teacher who got involved because it’s her who’s in charge of sorting problems like Cat’s out. She went to Mr C (headteacher) and told him about Cat and Ellie. Surely there’s no way Mr L can get away with it with more than one person involved and the evidence of emails and texts.

I saw Jake after college today. I spoke to him at lunch and saw him briefly ride past college on his bike. He phoned me to see if I could meet him but I had a lesson so I couldn’t. We then decided that we REALLY wanted to see each other so he came on his bike to my house.

We took Mollie for a walk and came back and cuddled and stuff! He kept saying I’m beautiful and smiley and pretty and cute and said he likes the expressions I have sometimes cos he thinks they’re cute. He told me he really started liking me after he had a dream about me! It was something along the lines of me lying in a field which was spinning round! Hmm. He also thought I was a nice smiley person too. 🙂

Ahh, he said that in Austria when Emma (who he had his first kiss with on the ski trip there when he was in Year 11) snogged Freddie Bevan on the coach, he cried! Poor thing!


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