He’d still like me if I ate too many Yorkie bars – 8th & 9th April 2001

Sunday 8th I had a driving lesson this afternoon. It was okay I suppose. I had to do a lot of reversing which was a bit boring after a while actually! My instructor did say that I’ve made good progress with everything so far which I’m pleased about.

Jake came round at about 4:30pm but we didn’t really do much. We just lay about and cuddled a lot and watched TV. He kept telling me how much he loves me again. 🙂


Monday 9th Jake and I went to the Trafford Centre today. It was really nice being back there with him cos that’s where we spent our last evening together before he went. We found me some new pyjamas with Miffy on them in La Senza. Jake helped me choose. We then went for a drink in Starbucks before going to watch Traffic at the cinema. The film was a bit crap so we kept each other occupied instead!

Jake informed me that he’d still like me if I ate too many Yorkie bars and got fat but wouldn’t like me quite as much as he does now! He said he likes the way I look now which is why he’s always staring at me! 🙂

We came back to my house afterwards and we just cuddled and talked. Jake ended up getting upset when I told him how I sometimes feel left out when he goes on about his skiing friends. We made up again though with a big hug!


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