Swearing and dancing on the tables – 3rd April 2001

Tuesday 3rd
2 days to go!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

I didn’t have an email from Jake when I checked this morning but I was quite proud of myself when I didn’t worry too much! He’s said that he probably would send me one to tell me whether he’d passed or not but he didn’t.

I did begin to worry about Jake when he hadn’t phoned at 5:20 pm but he rang about 5 minutes later than that. He said he passed his assessment (and so did everyone except 2 of the older guys) and has now got a Ski Pro passport or something so he can get jobs as an instructor if he wants. He said he doesn’t intend to use it though cos he doesn’t want to leave me again.

He said they all got chucked out of a bar thing for swearing and dancing on the tables (he didn’t do that!) and then got bollocked for messing about after doing their torchlight descent in the daylight! He explained that he didn’t email me cos he went back to his room and fell asleep! He didn’t end up going out last night, even though most people did.

I think I worried him by talking about the email I sent him last night and not sounding very happy when he chirpily mentioned coming home. I don’t know why I didn’t get all excited really, I just wasn’t in the mood and I’ve got all these niggling little worries in the back of my mind. He told me he loves me 3 times after I didn’t sound happy which cheered me up a bit! 🙂

He said he’s waited 3 months to see me and so he does want to come home. He said he would never have arranged it all in the first place if he’d been with me before I did anything about it and would’ve got a job or something instead. He says he won’t get bored when he gets home cos he’s getting bored of it there anyway. We’ll see!

I got really pissed off (and then upset out of annoyance!) before cos I’d just typed out a really long email to Jake and then I somehow managed to delete it just as I was about to send it! I sent him another one once I’d calmed down!


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