He went all squeaky and excited – 1st April 2001

Sunday 1st
4 days to go!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Not a lot happened today. I spent most of the day being so bored that I actually did some of my homework!

Jake phoned at about 7:45pm today. He said in his email that the clocks go forward for him today (I thought it was only Britain that did that!) which is why he phoned a bit earlier. He didn’t have very long to talk to me though. He said his skiing’s still going okay. He went all squeaky and excited when we were talking about him coming home which was nice to hear, and he says he can’t wait!

He also told me that he saw the northern lights. He said he and whoever he was with didn’t know what it was so they asked someone. He said it doesn’t happen there very often. It’s not fair! I’ve always wanted to see that and I haven’t! He’s not that bothered about it and he gets to!

Oh well, maybe one day.


Today’s emails →

01-04-01 Jake email01-04-01 Tess email

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