We have our feet firmly on the ground – 31st March 2001

Saturday 31st
5 days to go!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

I was dreading my driving lesson today cos it was pouring with rain and I thought I’d be tackling roundabouts again but I actually enjoyed it! I got to drive through the countryside and down the dual carriageway and I overtook at big white van! 🙂 Then I went to near school and had to do 3 point turns. I didn’t think it was brilliant but my instructor said he wished everyone could do them that well the first time. He also said he was impressed with some of my driving today too. Cool!

My little bracelet that Jake sent me broke today so hopefully we’ll be even more in love when he gets back home! 🙂 I’d just begun to get upset cos I thought something had happened to Jake when he finally phoned at 9:20pm. He said they’d got a different instructor today so he had lunch at a different time. He said the Level 2 thing’s gone well so far but he’s no idea whether he’ll pass or not. We’ve both got colds so we shouldn’t have to worry about infecting one another when he comes home. I don’t think I’d really care anyway though! I told him my bracelet broke and he said he still loves me, which is good!

We were both just getting excited about next Friday and talking about when he gets home when the phone cut off. 😦 He didn’t ring back but it’s probably cos the phone stopped working and he had to get back to skiing anyway.

Abby rang at about 11:30pm to say she was staying over at Connor’s house. Mum started telling me how she’s really worried that Abby’s going to give up on going to uni and stuff cos she won’t want to be separated from him and would end up regretting it. She said he’s a nice lad but he’s really possessive and doesn’t give Abby any space, and Abby’s always tired cos she sees him then does her homework really late at night.

Mum said that Abby’s being really selfish too and she feels like she and Dad are just being used for money cos the other night, Abby and Connor were on their way to Manchester then saw Dad on his way home and came back to tell him where they were going and to get money.

Mum reckons Abby’s too young for such an “intense” relationship and she’s missing out on stuff with her mates cos of him. Mum said she doesn’t worry about me the same cos I’m older and Jake doesn’t ring every 10 minutes to check up on me and interrupt my homework.

She did start going on about her not wanting me to be heartbroken or anything but that things get better if that did happen. I hope it doesn’t! She just said that it happened to her after she’d been with a lad for about 2 years and then went to college and they split up. She agreed that Jake and I would be more likely to split up if we went to different unis though and also said that there’s no reason why we should split up and named loads of people who’d met when they were about 15 and are still together now.

She said she thinks Jake and I are right for each other and have common sense, are sensible and we have our feet firmly on the ground. [God, I’m dull, aren’t I? No wonder my teenage diary’s so boring!] That made me feel a bit better cos I didn’t like to hear stuff about splitting up and all that. I hope Jake and I stay together.


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