Fit chick unbelievable knockers – 30th March 2001

Friday 30th
6 days to go!!! 🙂 🙂

Yey! This should be my last Friday without Jake! 🙂 I can’t stop thinking about him coming home and I’m getting really excited now!

Not much happened in college today but tonight was quite good. Sarah got the car off her mum so she and I went to the Trafford Centre before joining everyone else in The Mossland. I bought a Mambo pencil case from the Free Spirit shop and got served by one of the most gorgeous blokes I have ever seen! He had a look of Jake about him actually which could well be why I thought he was so fit!

I also bought a pinky coloured lacy top from Bay and a white French Connection top saying “funky chick undoubtedly kicks-ass”.

30-03-01 fcuk

It took some doing but I manager to persuade Sarah into getting one that said “fit chick unbelievable knockers”. She spotted it but wasn’t sure whether to actually get it or not cos she was worried about what people might say!


[The pinky lacy top being modelled by Denny on the left.]

There weren’t many people in the pub and I wasn’t there for long so not a lot happened. Floyd and Nell snogged again, Paul Nutt was doing the pub quiz, Emma sent Jake’s brother a message saying she was madly in love with him and I got questioned by Declan, Isaac, Sam and Floyd as to whether I’d slept with Jake or not after I told them he likes Ronan Keating! I didn’t answer them!


Today’s emails →

30-03-01 Jake email30-03-01 Tess email

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