Like some sort of pimp – 29th March 2001

Thursday 29th
1 week to go!!! 🙂

Sarah offered Cat £50 today for a loan of Mr L! Cat refused so Sarah said she’d have her £70 instead! I think she was joking but Cat wouldn’t let her anyway cos she said that’d make her like some sort of pimp!

It was funny in Sports Studies today. There’s this girl in the year below me called Kyla Hague who thinks she’s hard (and probably is!), is a bit on the large side and has panda-style eye make-up. Basically, she’s a bit scary! She’s alright towards me and my friends cos she hangs round in our common room but everyone is really wary of getting on the wrong side of her cos she’s got a bit of a psycho streak!

Anyway, she’s been trying to organise a Stars In Their Eyes concert thing to raise money for Kosovan children or something and she wants the teachers to do it, including Mr P-K, my really fit Sports Studies teacher. Graham Baxter asked him in the lesson whether Kyla had found him cos she’d been looking for him and Mr P-K turned round with a look of fear in his eyes and started telling us how he’d spent all week trying to keep away from her but every time he turns round, she’s there! He said she’s like some sort of scary shadow and that there’s something very dodgy about her! To top it off, Graham informed us that she’s known as Meatloaf to him and his mates cos she’s definitely got a look of him!

It was just so funny cos Kyla’s been making out that she and Mr P-K are like best mates at the moment but going by what he said, that’s complete bollocks!

We’ve got this calendar in our common room and it’s got all sort of stuff written on it that we’ve added over the last year or so, so it’s kind of good really. BUT Mr H took his Theatre Studies group in there to do a lesson (and chucked us out) and then he ripped down our calendar cos his class found it “offensive”! Twat!

It’s all silly bitches like Carly Jennings and Amber Watson in that class who think they’re so much better than us. It was so annoying! When they got out of our room, Gethin stole our calendar back out of Mr H’s office and put it back up. 🙂 He also discovered a huge lump of chewing gum stuck to the carpet in our room which wasn’t there before they had a lesson in there so Gethin complained to Mr H about it. I hope he bollocks them all!

Ahh, Mr B (my Geography teacher) is so cute! His wife’s just had a baby and he keeps telling us about baby Joe sneezing and things. It’s just so sweet cos he gets all soppy about him!

Jake rang at about 8:50pm. He said things went okay this morning cos he didn’t have to do any teaching. He said he will come to Norway with me in search of lemmings cos I really want to see some after we did about them in my Biology lesson! He told me that it had been a misunderstanding in a text message that caused Rob (his roommate) to rush to the phone while Jake was emailing me. His girlfriend hadn’t dumped him.

Abby told me this morning that she’s doing her purple belt at kickboxing next week. I was telling Jake about it and got a bit upset cos I want to do it as well and not have tingly body parts. He said he really wanted to give me a hug and that he loves me. 🙂


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