He’s going to start buying me triple Bacardi and Cokes – 28th March 2001

Wednesday 28th
1 week + 1 day to go!

I’ve got a cough now and I feel really tired again. Karen was coughing all night on Saturday so I bet she infected everyone with whatever she’s got! She’s not been in college all week. Gethin said he’d been throwing up all weekend so he probably caught that from me somehow!

Jake phoned at 7:30pm today cos he didn’t do any shadowing, he just skied on his own and decided to ring me earlier. He was telling me one thing he will miss when he comes home….. the pubs stay open and serving all night!

He said not to worry about his brother slagging me off and that he doesn’t want to hang round with a bunch of College 1s when he gets back. We decided that when he gets home he could come here and then we could walk to The Dog but he said we’ll have to keep stopping for hugs and stuff so it could take a while to get there.

He told me that he’s going to start buying me triple Bacardi and Cokes and stuff when he comes home cos he’s never seen me really drunk and he things girls are funny and giggly when they are!

He said I’ve got to get all my work done before he comes back so I can see him loads in the Easter holidays. He might not be able to ring from tomorrow cos that’s when his Level 2 assessment starts and he might have to speak to instructors or something during his lunchtime.


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