Pervert! – 27th March 2001

Tuesday 27th
1 week + 2 days to go!

Cat informed us today that Mr L said he liked the idea of Cat plus me, Sarah, Lizzie and Karen all together with him. Pervert! He’s certainly going the right way about losing his job!

Sarah is so confusing! I think she’s confused too! Every time a vaguely normal lad (e.g. Michael Amhurst) shows an interest she runs a mile, even if she liked them in the first place. That’s the annoying thing too… she lies! She said to me that she thought Michael was quite nice and that she liked his car but now she won’t even admit to liking his car! She knows she said that to me and she knows I know but she still says she said no such thing!

Jake phoned at about 8:45pm today. He said he’d been trying to ring for about 5 minutes beforehand but couldn’t get through for some reason. I told him what Mr L said to Cat and he was disgusted by him! We couldn’t talk for long so she didn’t really say much other than that he’s getting a Chinese after and we discovered his watch is about 4 minutes slower than mine! He said he loves me too. 🙂


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27-03-01 Jake email27-03-01 Tess email

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