I had to learn about roundabouts. I hate them! – 24th March 2001

Saturday 24th
1 week + 5 days to go!

I had a 3 hour driving lesson today. It was horrible! I haven’t got a concentration span that last anywhere near that long. Plus, to make matters worse, I had to learn about roundabouts. I hate them! I got stuck in the middle of one of the big ones in Warrington with all the traffic lights on and got flustered and couldn’t get going for ages. I could see everyone in cars around me getting pissed off which didn’t help at all. I bet they weren’t perfect when they were learning.

If I ever pass my test, I’m not going to forget what it was like so I’m going to be patient with learners, not put them off. I’ve got another 3 hour lesson next Saturday and I’m dreading it already.

Jake phoned at about 7:40pm today. I didn’t think he was going to cos he said in his email, “no later than 7:30pm” but he said the lesson he shadowed didn’t finish until 12:30pm (his time). He said he got to teach part of the lesson about turning and snowploughs or something.

He’s going to some concert tonight cos there’s some party on or something. I didn’t really know what he was on about but it’s their last Saturday night out (they’ll be doing the Level 2 thing next week so they’ll be having early nights, I expect) so I’d have thought they’ll be making it a god one! Not too good, I hope!

He says he can’t wait to come home. I can’t wait either!


P.S. The clocks go forward tomorrow so that means Jake’s going to be 8 hours behind now. 🙂 He said he’d phone at about 7pm tomorrow but it’ll be 8pm here. He won’t know the clocks change, I suppose.

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