He should so get sacked! – 22nd March 2001

Thursday 22nd
2 weeks to go!

Cat filled us in on what happened yesterday after college with Mr L. She went and helped him put up a wall display or something and then as things progressed, he locked them in the History store cupboard. She said he was just all cuddly towards her and gave her a massage and stuff. He should so get sacked! He’s already looking for another job and I bet it’s not really cos he wants a higher position. Somehow I think it’s more likely that he’s getting out before he gets found out, chucked out and ends up having to work in Tesco or something!

Jake phoned me at about 7:30pm. He said he didn’t shadow anyone this morning, he just skied on his own. He said his group’s being filmed for a promotional video this afternoon. They’ve been picked cos they’re the biggest group.

I told him I needed a hug to keep me going while I’m doing my Sports Studies coursework but he said he wouldn’t just want a quick hug so it wouldn’t help cos I’d get nothing done!

He sounded a bit more cheerful than he did yesterday. He wants to come home but he said he is going to miss certain people like Rob, James and Danny (whoever they are!) and the others he hangs round with. He did say he won’t miss the girls in the room next to him though cos one’s always with James and the other always goes on about that Hollywood lad.


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