He is a complete and utter bastard! – 21st March 2001

Wednesday 21st
2 weeks + 1 days to go!

I went back to college today. I felt better but I was a bit tired cos my left leg and foot went a bit tingly for no apparent reason while I was trying to sleep so I lay awake worrying for a while!

Uhh, Cat’s been brainwashed by Mr L into thinking he’s God again. They were chatting on the internet last night and have decided to be “friends”. Silly cow! It’ll all end in tears again cos he is a complete and utter bastard! She arranged to meet him after college in the History department and the words “store” and “cupboard” were mentioned. That was the scene for the action last time. I suppose we’ll find out what happened tomorrow.

Jake phoned at about 7:20pm tonight. He phoned me later cos he wanted the morning to decide whether to do Level 2 or not. He is going to do it. He says he’ll only be able to phone me at his lunchtime for the rest of the week now cos he’s going to be shadowing some instructor which means getting up early. He says he’ll only be able to phone me later, if at all, sometime next week as well when he’s doing the Level 2 thing.

It was a really bad line tonight. I could hardly hear him most of the time cos he just sounded really quiet and muffled and kept breaking up.

Red phone

He gets home on Friday 6th April. That’s okay thought cos if he’d have come back on the 5th, I probably wouldn’t be haven able to see him anyway and it’d be frustrating knowing he was just down the road but I couldn’t see him. He said he definitely wants to see me on the day he gets back.


P.S. Lou in Neighbours has done something to a nerve in his back and he complained his legs were tingling (as well as pain though). I know it’s not really but still, it kind of reassures me in a way about my legs.

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