I might skive college – 20th March 2001

Tuesday 20th
2 weeks + 2 days to go!

I stayed off college again today cos I still wasn’t feeling quite better this morning. Sarah texted me after she finished college and told me that I didn’t miss much.

I’ve had a few emails from Michael Amhurst recently. He seems interested in Jake’s Beetle and kept asking me stuff about it but I haven’t got a clue what the answers are!

Jake phoned me at about 4:35pm today. He told me it might be the 6th April that he arrives home on, not the 5th like we thought. He’s not sure but he says he’ll find out today. We’ve decided anyway that if he does get back on Thurs 5th, we don’t want to meet in front of our families or in a bus stop or anything so we’ll wait until the Friday and I might skive college to see him cos we’ve got more chance of being alone then. He said he doesn’t mind coming out on the Friday night as long as he gets to see me on my own first because he doesn’t know how he’ll react so doesn’t want loads of people being around us.

He doesn’t know if he’s going to do his Level 2 assessment thing cos it’ll cost him an extra £250 to do it and he’s not entirely sure that he’s good enough to pass.

He kept saying that he wanted a hug and that he’d still love me even if I was paranoid! He said that cos I’d read an email that he sent Cat saying I was paranoid about the photos he’d put on his wall of me. He admits that it wasn’t the right word to use though. ‘Annoyed’ would’ve been more like it!

He went on about how he was watching S Club 7 all day on TV with his mates so I told him about Ioan Gruffudd being on the Westlife video!

I jokingly asked him if he’d gone off me at all, seeing as he hasn’t seen me for nearly  weeks but he said that not seeing me for so long has had completely the opposite effect! 🙂 Good!


Today’s emails →

20-03-01 Jake email20-03-01 Tess email


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