They’re all really “close” – 19th March 2001

Monday 19th
2 weeks + 3 days to go!

I stayed off college today. Mum wouldn’t have let me go in even if I’d wanted to cos she says I might infect everyone and I need rest anyway. I don’t think I was really up to going in anyway. I still felt really light-headed and had no energy this morning. I couldn’t get to sleep last night though. I kept needing a wee and having to get drinks cos my mouth was really dry.

Jake phoned me at about 4:30pm today. He wasn’t going skiing cos he says he’s too tired. He said he had a good time at that place he went to yesterday cos they were the only people there pretty much. He told me that he was speaking to some bloke who’s been to Barcelona and he apparently said that the part where our hotel is is the nice area.

Jake said if he had to choose, he’d rather go to Barcelona with me then have me go and visit him in Canada. When I asked why, he said that he wouldn’t want me getting suspicious cos they’re all really “close”. After he said that, he kept apologising cos he realised it sounded really bad! He told me that he just meant that he does want to see me but wouldn’t want me to be disappointed or have a bad time like this other lad’s girlfriend did. He said she sort of got left out cos she didn’t know anyone else. He assured me that I have no reason to be suspicious at all! He then kept saying how much he wants to come home and that he loves me. I should hope so! 🙂


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