Everyone has bleached their hair – 27th February 2001

Tuesday 27th
5 weeks + 2 days to go!

Well, I spent all of this morning failing 2 Biology exams. It wasn’t much fun. I’m extremely frustrated and annoyed with myself bout the first one (Ecology) cos I ran out of time just as I was answering a long question to which I knew the answer. I just felt like walking out and crying but I managed to control myself.

The second exam was a resit which I got a C on the first time round. It’s a good job cos there’s no way I’ve got a grade on that! I did get a bit upset afterwards but I got over it.

Jake rang at about 4:45pm, actually when he said he would! He told me everyone has bleached their hair and he’s considering it too! He said he’ll ring at 4:30ish-4:45pm tomorrow. We’ll see! I’ve got to remember to record on video the Australian Grand Prix for him.


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27-02-01 Jake email27-02-01 Tess email

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