Looking as weird as ever – 23rd February 2001

Friday 23rd
5 weeks + 6 days to go!

I was just in the middle of attempting to revise when Jake phoned at about 3:40pm today! It was such a nice surprise cos I really wasn’t expecting it to be him. He said he could phone because while he’s doing the assessment he’s got to get up really early for the bus and so has breakfast at Lake Louise instead and he had loads of time before he had to start skiing.

I went out to The Dog tonight with Sarah and Cat and Isaac. Gethin was meant to come too but he didn’t turn up so we texted him. We’d told him all about what was going on but he denied all knowledge of it and said he was at someone’s house. Isaac then told us that Gethin had told him he was at the Trafford Centre.

If Gethin’s going to lie then you’d think he’d tell everyone the same story, wouldn’t you?!

Even though not many people turned up, it was still quite a good night. We just seemed to be constantly laughing at silly little things. No, we weren’t bladdered!

We moved pubs cos a couple of times before, Cat’s had to get the last bus home to her village. My ex-stalker, Paul Nutt, was in the The Woodman looking as weird as ever! [The school rumour was that he “fucked a cat and burnt it“.] 

Gethin’s “girlfriend” (we all know he’s gay really and she’s just a cover-up!) was in there too so who knows where he was and who he was with!

Sarah just came back to mine for a bit but got a taxi home not long after so it ended up being quite an early night in the end.


P.S. I texted Michael Amhurst at The Dog just to let him know that Sarah quite liked him. They’ve now got each other’s numbers and were texting each other all night 🙂 Could this be another successful match?!!

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23-02-01 Jake email

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