Straddling a Coke can with no clothes on – 19th February 2001

Monday 19th
6 weeks + 3 days to go!

I went shopping in Manchester with Cat today. Her dad dropped us off cos he works there but that meant I had to get up really early. We went and sat in Starbucks first to try and wake ourselves up a bit but it didn’t work for me! We then just sort of wandered aimlessly round the shops cos neither of us had much that we needed to get. We went in The Triangle so we could go in the Quiksilver and O’Neill shops to look at the ski/boarding stuff. It just made us wish we had lots of money so we could buy it and go skiing!

We did both end up getting a bag each from the O’Neill shop. Cat got a school bag and I got a little black one. That cheered us up a bit! We’ve decided to gradually accumulate all the gear and equipment we need for skiing so that when the day comes when we can afford it, we can go! 🙂

Jake phoned at about 4:30pm, just after I got in. That was good timing! He didn’t really have much to tell me other than about him going to his room and finding Jessie straddling a Coke can with no clothes on! He said he’s dressed her and hidden her now!

Abby phoned again and repeated herself about it being good. Grrr! I want to go skiing!!! 😦

Ooh, it looks like I’ve come to the end of my diary! See you in the next one then!! 🙂

Bye! xxx

Today’s emails →

19-02-01 Jake email.jpg

19-02-01 Tess email

Jake & his Barbies

[The photo Jake referred to in his email…]

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