I didn’t zig-zag about or anything – 18th February 2001

Sunday 18th
6 weeks + 4 days to go!

I had my 2nd driving lesson this morning. It was really good again! My instructor told me that we’d covered a lot and that I was very good considering it was only my 2nd lesson 🙂 It took me a few minutes to get going cos he wasn’t guiding me with the basics as much but after I got used to the car again, I was fine.

I did mount the curb while turning a corner but it was either that or risk hitting a van that was parked right on the corner! I stalled a couple of times again too but one was my instructor’s fault cos he changed gear and didn’t warn me! He admitted it wasn’t my fault too.

I drove up Shawhead Lane, through Cat’s village and then around the outskirts of Warrington, I think. I did an emergency stop and I didn’t stall or skid so I was told it was well done!

I’ve decided I don’t like roundabouts though. They’re too complicated!

Ooh! I reversed as well but only in a straight line. My instructor said that was good too cos I didn’t zig-zag about or anything. 🙂 I’ve not got a lesson next week though so in 2 weeks’ time I’ll probably have forgotten everything!

I was just beginning to think Jake wasn’t going to phone tonight when he did at about 5pm. He’d had trouble finding/using a phonecard or something but at least he phoned. It wasn’t a long call, he just told me how Jessie’s very popular!


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