I ended up crying a bit in the toilets – 16th February 2001

Friday 16th
6 weeks + 6 days to go!

Ohhhh! 😦 Everyone’s gone skiing with school! That included my sister! I’m sooo jealous! I really want to go skiing.

I ended up crying a bit in the toilets of college on my own cos seeing them all leave reminded me of when Jake left, only that was much worse. I really do miss him and I really do need to ski!

When Jake phoned tonight he didn’t really say a lot cos I was having a whinge about not going skiing. He did start telling me about how everyone thinks he’s mad cos he skis fast or something (that’s not good! What if one day he can’t stop?!) and that he’s got loads of nicknames. One is “Jakeronimo” cos he skis fast, another is “The Fallen Angel” cos he sticks his arms out to keep his balance (like wings!) when he’s skiing and the other is “Super Jake” cos the instructor knows someone else called Jake with that nickname.

When he told me all that, it sort of made me feel a bit left out cos he sounds like he’s having fun and has made lots of new friends and I’m not a part of it. When he talks to me about the people he’s with, I haven’t got a clue who he means or anything.

I had a pretty crap Friday night. A few people were going to see Dungeons and Dragons and then Hannibal at the Trafford Centre cinema so Sarah got her mum’s car and we tagged along. The others had booked their tickets and it was really busy so Sarah and I couldn’t watch a film cos they were all booked up.

We decided to go to the Cathay Dim Sum for a meal but we would’ve had to wait 45 mins for a table. We ended up getting a Chinese from my village instead and eating it outside The Mossland pub. Then I went home.


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