I only stalled it twice – 11th February 2001

Sunday 11th
7 weeks + 4 days to go!

I’ve been with Jake for ONE WHOLE YEAR!!!

I can’t believe we’ve been together that long. I mean, we met first a week ago today but he only asked me out properly this time last year. I wish he was here 😦 I need a hug!

We’ve been together for a year and I still don’t know what to call him! It seems right to put “Jake” on cards and things cos that’s always how he signs things to me but when I’m speaking to him, I don’t know what he wants to be called!

Ooh, I had my 1st driving lesson this morning! I wasn’t really nervous until I woke up this morning. My lesson was from 10:30 am to 12:30 pm and my instructor’s called Charles. He was a bit miserable and talked really slowly but he was alright. I understood what he was saying and he seemed very calm which is good, I suppose! He also teaches Colin McKay who’s in the year below me in college.

The 1st thing I did was sit in the driver’s seat on Hall Drive and he went through what everything inside the car did. Then he let me drive it round the roundabout at the top (where Declan lives) before stopping again to explain the mirrors. I only stalled it twice and he said it was cos I was wearing trainers and the soles were wet and therefore slipping off the clutch cos it was raining.

He let me drive again and I thought he was going to tell me to turn down Hodge Drive where it was quiet but instead I had to go onto Wellington Road! I wasn’t as scared as I thought I might be actually cos I did feel in control! He then made me drive up Crofters Lane and then stop going up the motorway bridge to do a hill start. I managed it quite well so I did a downhill start too!

At the end of the lesson, I parked up Oak Lane and he told me that I’d done well. He said he goes at different paces with different people and that he’d got through a lot with me. I have to say, I felt quite pleased with myself and I did enjoy it!

I wasn’t expecting to go on any main roads though cos everyone else I spoke to said the either did it round quiet housing estates or on car parks.

I spoke to Jake this evening. He was having a day off today cos it’s Sunday. He told me he’s glad I enjoyed my driving lesson and he sounded surprised I’d done so much. We got onto the subject of skiing and I ended up crying a bit cos I really miss him and really want to go skiing. He said he really does want to go skiing with me one day and that I don’t have to worry about him being better than me cos he reckons I’m probably better than a few people on his course.

Hmm, why are they doing it then?!

I mean, I can ski and I’m not bad at it considering I’ve only been twice. I was better than him when I was in Austria anyway! I still think he’d show off and try and tell me what to do if I went skiing with him but I really do want to go again!


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