There was much lesbianism occurring! – 9th February 2001

Friday 9th
7 weeks + 6 days to go!

I was really disappointed this morning cos when I checked my email in college, I did have one from Jake but it didn’t say anything. I didn’t worry though because he’d obviously tried to send me one and must have accidentally deleted whatever he’d written before sending it.

I spoke to him on the phone at about 6:30pm before I went out. He was really annoyed about me not getting an email because he says he spent ages typing one out. He doesn’t know what happened to it but it could be because he replied to mine and then accidentally deleted his part as well as my part that he was replying to. I can’t really remember what else we talked about but it wasn’t a long conversation anyway.

As predicted by everyone today, tonight did turn out to be quite eventful! We all did The Run [a pub crawl] (again!) because Declan wanted to do it for his 17th birthday (which is actually next Thursday) and so there were quite a lot of people there. The college 1 girls were being very loud and VERY annoying so we did our best to keep out of their way.

I spoke to Robbie quite a bit, even though we’ve both been told not to talk to each other! He was drinking straight Coke cos his dad says he’s not allowed out if he gets into the state he did last week again! We do get on alright actually!

Gethin confessed a few things to me tonight. He finally admitted to trying it on with Jake when they had to share a bed once at Sarah’s house! He said he hadn’t told me before cos he thought I might kill him! Gethin also admitted that he had once fancied him too!

Later on, on the walk to The Coach and Horses, Gethin told me and Sarah that he was going to explode if he didn’t snog Rory by the end of the night! He did actually launch himself at Rory when we were back at Declan’s!

Meanwhile, there was much lesbianism occurring! Lizzie had befriended Nell the lesbian cos they had Declan and Kim who they could slag off together. Apparently, Nell then tried to go with [snog] Lizzie in The Green Dragon toilets but Karen was in there so nothing happened. That is until they were at the bar! Nell lunged again and they ended up snogging in front of everyone!

However, soon after, Nell was in tears cos she wants Kim but Kim wants Declan or some girl called Leanne! Kim wouldn’t even speak to Nell even to calm her down so loads of people ended up having a go at Kim.

Also at The Dragon, Emma managed to steal the totem pole that WAS in one of the windows! It’s quite big and she’s been saying for ages that she wanted it and this week she got it! All she did was unscrew it using a Swiss army knife and then smuggle it out under her coat!

Sarah told me she still fancies Gethin so a few of us spent a lot of time telling her it was pointless cos he’s gay! I don’t think we changed her mind though.

I’m sure other stuff happened but I can’t think what it was right now!


P.S. Jake told me on the phone that if I haven’t got an email on Sunday it’s cos there’s a “customer appreciation day” at the internet café and he thinks it might be busy so he might not get to a computer.

The mail I sent Jake when I got home! →

09-02-01 Tess email

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