Mum let me drive the car round Asda car park – 7th February 2001

Wednesday 7th
8 weeks + 1 days to go!

It turns out that we were probably along the right lines about why Declan dumped Lizzie. Apparently, Robbie told Freda then Freda told Karen who told me that Declan wants to be single for the ski trip so he can take advantage of Kim while she’s drunk!

That’s so unfair on Lizzie! She must have liked him cos she did actually get upset yesterday afternoon and that’s not at all like her.

I spoke to Jake at about 7pm tonight. He said he’d tried to ring earlier but it was engaged cos my mum was using the phone. He didn’t go snowboarding today 🙂 because the people who were meant to be teaching it couldn’t be arsed! He promises me he won’t do it again cos boards are too expensive to hire.

Mum let me drive the car round Asda car park tonight cos I didn’t go kickboxing cos my legs are still tingling a bit when I walk and stuff. It was really good! Mum said I did really well cos I didn’t stall it or anything until I’d stopped to get out so Mum could take us home.

I want a car now!


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