I got a bit flustered and couldn’t get my words out – 4th February 2001

Sunday 4th
8 weeks + 4 days to go!

Sunday 4th  Today was pretty weird! I spent most of the day worrying about how much trouble I’d caused in Jake’s family and then his dad phoned me at about 5:15pm!

At first I thought it was either someone from BSM (cos I’ve got a driving lesson booked for Sunday) or someone from a uni. Then when he told me who it was, I thought maybe something had happened to Jake! It turned out though that he was phoning to apologise for Robbie’s Friday night behaviour!

I got a bit flustered and couldn’t get my words out properly cos I really wasn’t expecting a phone call! He then told me he’d received a heart-felt email from Jake telling him about what Robbie had done and said on Friday, and both he and Clara had had strong words with him!

He then just asked if I’d heard from Jake and then asked about Barcelona and said he’d look into it for us. That was basically it and then he apologised again and went.

I feel awful now cos his dad’s obviously feeling guilty, both he and Clara are annoyed with Robbie for saying things, Jake’s upset about it all, Robbie’s going to be annoyed with me and it’s all my fault! I shouldn’t have said anything.

It took a while before Jake phoned which was annoying cos I really wanted to speak to him. He had a day off again today and so didn’t phone until about 5:45pm. He kept telling me not to worry about the Robbie thing and that he was going to speak to his dad after he got off the phone to me.

He told me that some lad called James and some girl called Charlie who have got together had gone into Charlie’s room and done stuff. Then the next morning at breakfast, he heard Charlie’s roommate Abbie shout, “In my room!” He said it was scary how much it reminded him of when we were in Derby and Cat kept saying, “On my bed!” to Sarah after she and Maz had been at it in there!

I’m really worried about college tomorrow. What do I do if I see Robbie? I don’t know how to react cos I don’t know how annoyed he is with me.

I know I shouldn’t have done but I read Jake’s mail tonight. There was one from his dad and I couldn’t resist it! It said stuff about how the only thing he’s said about me is the observation that I’m shy and never indulge in any conversation with him. He’s never there to have a conversation with though and even when he is, Jake always drags me away in case his dad embarrasses him!

There was also an email from his sister and that mentioned me too. She just asked how I was after what Robbie said and that she thought it was really nasty! 🙂


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