He ended up totally bladdered – 2nd February 2001

Friday 2nd
8 weeks + 6 days to go!

Nothing much happened in college today except for Rory and Gethin competing for attention! They’re so alike and it’s so annoying! One of Rory’s little attention stunts was giving everyone stickers. Other people joined in then and I got given this one by Robbie Taylor! →

I want you! Now!

I don’t think anything was meant by it cos he’d done lots beforehand and I just happened to get that one!

Tonight got a bit interesting actually. I think I’ve said what happened pretty much in my mail to Jake [see below today’s “Bye!”] so I can’t be bothered writing it all out now!

I was getting on with Robbie T quite well and he said he’s going to speak to me more often in college. He ended up totally bladdered by the time we got back to Declan’s house and that’s when he started confessing stuff, like the fact he read the long letter Jake gave me before he went.

At the time, I wasn’t that bothered that he’d read it cos I was a bit on the drunk side of things myself but, now I think about it, there’s no way he should’ve read it. It was completely private and there’s no excuse for reading it at all. Fair enough if it hadn’t been obvious who it was to then he could’ve read it to find out but that wasn’t the case.

It also upset me a bit when Robbie told me his dad doesn’t like me. I mean, I didn’t burst into tears over it but it’s hurt my feelings a bit to hear that cos I don’t know what I’ve done. Robbie said it’s cos I never say hi or anything to his dad but that’s bollocks cos I do! He was really pissed when he told me this and wasn’t making much sense but surely he wouldn’t have said it without a reason. Something must have been said to trigger it.

Ooh, I forgot, Jake phoned at about 4:45pm today and just told me about a few more injuries that have occurred and talked about going on holiday again.

I’ve just remembered something else Robbie said. When we were in The Crow pub (before he got leathered!), out of the blue he turned to me and said, “Oh, Tessa. My dad said he sends his regards and says that Jake got done for speeding.” I don’t understand why he’d have said that to me! To be honest, at the time I thought it sounded like a sarcastic comment so maybe he doesn’t like me cos he thinks somehow I’m the cause of Jake getting caught by speed cameras. Maybe it’s cos he always gets really high phone bills for his mobile too because he’s always texting me but then Jake always reassures me that his dad doesn’t mind.

I just don’t get why he doesn’t like me! 😦


Today’s emails →

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