I don’t want my friends getting sick of me – 15th January 2001

Monday 15th
11 weeks + 3 days to go!

Well, Lizzie and Declan Churchill are officially going out. It was a bit strange watching them the first time they actually sat down and spoke to each other cos they were sat in the same place that Jake and I were when we first spoke on that Monday morning after Amanda Bryan’s party. Then lots of people started speaking to them and asking questions like they did with us. It was also obviously a bit awkward but I don’t think it was quite as bad as Jake and me cos they’re not a quiet, I don’t think. Declan’s not anyway.

I was very pleased to see I had received an email from Jake when I checked this morning. It was quite a nice long one too!

15-01-01 Jake email

I’d better watch that I don’t go on about him too much cos my mates aren’t very tolerant of people like Lizzie and Hayley (who nobody’s speaking to… Hayley that is) who go on about lads they’ve had/got all the time. I don’t want my friends getting sick of me too.

Cat’s already made a comment. I was talking about skiing with her so I said I reckon that if Jake comes back he might well go on about how much he enjoyed it etc. and she said, “What, like you do about him?” I think she must have realised she offended me cos she apologised. I didn’t think I mentioned him that much!

That’s the problem with my mates. I don’t mind them going on about their problems (e.g. Sarah and Maz or Cat and Mr L) but as soon as someone else goes on to them about something, they whinge. I just need to talk to someone sometimes without feeling like I was annoying them, just so I can get things off my chest. I actually think Gethin’s the best listener out of the lot of them!

I dunno, maybe it doesn’t take me saying much for my mates to get irritated by it because they don’t think I’ve got any reason to complain cos, even if he is in Canada, I’ve still got a proper boyfriend.

Why is it that your own problems always seem worse than everyone else’s?!

Jake phoned me tonight. He said he’s still a bit nervous about starting his course today cos he thinks everyone else is better at skiing than him. He told me he went out last night with some older people to watch the football or something and that the girl who asked about the nail varnish was on the bus with him so he took the opportunity to say he’s got a girlfriend! 🙂 Good!

He told me that it’s getting a bit more like a school trip cos someone’s organising trips and stuff for Sundays (their day off). He said he’ll email me later to tell me how today goes. Well, I hope!

I made sure I told him he’s got to phone home cos both his brother and Declan asked if I’d heard from him and when I said yes, I got told that he’s got to phone home cos his dad’s going to cut off his phone or something! It doesn’t work there anyway!

He needs to tell his dad about the ticket thing he got for getting caught on camera going through an amber/red light! He reckons his dad might cancel his credit card so he can’t afford to eat and has to come home! 🙂 No, I shouldn’t smile, that’s mean! Oh well! 🙂


P.S. My reply →

15-01-01 Tess email

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