Everyone hates Hayley – 5th January 2001

Friday 5th A big group of us did The Run [a pub crawl] tonight and I discovered that everyone hates Hayley cos she’s been such a bitch to everyone.

The Run

[Left to right: Hayley, Cat, me, Jake, Floyd, Karen, Lizzie and Gethin.]

Sarah told me that when we went for a Chinese, Hayley had told her in the toilets that once Jake’s gone, I’ll try and muscle in on their friendship! Bitch! I don’t like her now either!

Jake got really, really pissed and was hugging everyone (he even managed to fall on the floor with Maisie!) and stuff. He started falling asleep in his Chinese when we got back to mine and I got photographic evidence!


[The photographic evidence.]

He stayed at mine and if he hadn’t have been so drunk I think something could’ve happened but he just fell asleep!


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