A pub not a youth centre – 4th January 2001

Thursday 4th We all had to go back to college today which wasn’t much fun.

When lessons were finally over, Hayley and I went to meet to meet up with Michael Amhurst. He’s got a car so he picked us up from outside the school and we went to The Coach and Horses.

We expected it to be awkward but it wasn’t too bad actually. He seems really nice (personality-wise) and was okay looking. He told us stuff about school and that he does rowing and which universities he’s applied for and stuff. It was quite weird seeing him after so long actually!


[Left to right: Isaac, Hayley, me and Michael after getting chucked out of the pub.]

We ended up getting chucked out of The Coach by this big gruff woman who works there cos we weren’t all drinking something and she yelled at us about it being a pub not a youth centre or something.

There was no-one else in there except the 3 of us and a few of our mates so Cat decided to be cheeky and asked her if she needed the space! Then Hayley pointed out that she’d just finished her drink and the gruff woman turned round and told her to get out so the rest of us went too, leaving a completely empty pub!

Jake came round to mine eventually this evening. We didn’t do much except talk. He told me I’m a really good kisser and that if he was 3 years older he’d marry me! 🙂 Cool! He then asked if we can pretend instead so I said we could cos that sounded really sweet!

That Dido song that’s on the radio all the time now is really going to remind me of Jake leaving because it always comes on when we’re together now!

Michael gave me a lift home after that which I thought was really nice of him cos I’d have had to walk otherwise.


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