It made him go (a good sort of) funny! – 28th & 29th December 2000

Thursday 28th

It’s snowing!!!

It’s proper thick snow too and everywhere looks so good!

Snow garden

[The garden in the snow that day.]

Jake came round to play in the snow but he was wearing his International Academy ski stuff for Canada which wasn’t very nice. We still had fun though!

Snow field

I got this letter off Michael Amhurst this morning. →



Hayley, Isaac, a few others and I used to know him when we were little but then he moved house away from here. This Xmas, we sent him a card with a photo of what we look like now in it. I wasn’t expecting a reply but it was nice to hear from him.


Friday 29th I had a good day today! The snow’s not melted at all so Jake and I went for a walk up the lane to make the most of it. We kept having snowball fights and then big cuddles! It was so nice!


We then went back to his house and kissed and cuddled and stuff (3). I then gave him a back scratch cos he keeps mithering me for one and it made him go (a good sort of) funny! He then wouldn’t let go of me so I couldn’t go home! 🙂


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