He didn’t want me to stop! – 26th & 27th December 2000

Tuesday 26th I had quite a good day today. Jake and I went to the Trafford Centre and on the way there we could see snow on the hills in the distance so when we were done in the shops we went in search of snow in the car! We found some eventually but it meant going all the way to Huddersfield!

When we came home, we just lay on my bed. He’s got a cold and was complaining so I started to scratch his back. He really enjoyed it and was groaning and he didn’t want me to stop! He also told me I was gorgeous and pretty and beautiful which cheered me up!

For the rest of the evening, we just cuddled and watched TV on my new TV in my room!


Wednesday 27th Jake and I took Mollie for a walk around Hollingworth Lake today. It was really cold but really nice!

This evening, a group of us went to LA Bowl because Sarah had arranged to meet up with Maz there. She was kept happy but Hayley looked miserable all night because tomorrow’s the anniversary of when she first met that Andy lad a year ago or something.

Cat was a bit miserable too cos she’s had an e-mail from Mr L saying that he can’t let anything more happen between them because he’s beginning to feel guilty.

Cat, Jake and I came up with a name for Jake’s ski bear that I bought him for Christmas. Cat came up with Toby which we all liked but then Jake said he needed something French sounding cos he’s a skier bear so I said Jacques. We all liked that. Jake then decided its surname could be Simpson-Taylor. We all thought that sounded okay so he’s now going to take his bear to Canada and write its name on its passport as Toby-Jacques Simpson-Taylor!

Jake told me his dad offered to take me to Canada before he realised I could ski (it’d be too expensive). Never mind, ey?! 😦


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