She started being dead loud and shouting abuse at the DJ – 21st and 22nd December 2000

Thursday 21st It was our common room’s Christmas party at the Sports Club tonight. Jake wore his suit thing and looked really, really fit!!


[Jake in his suit that night.]

Quite a few people went in fancy dress including Hayley who went as Britney Spears. She pissed everyone off again because she started asking if her stomach looked fat (it did!) and then she started being dead loud and shouting abuse at the DJ and people dancing when Limp Bizkit came on. She then forced someone to put N-Sync and Britney on which cleared the dancefloor (apart from her)! There were so many people that had to be restrained from hitting her, one of them being me!


[Here she is.]

Jake then sulked cos I said Sarah and Maz were sweet. I didn’t understand why at first but then he told me why they annoyed him. It’s cos he thinks they contributed to nothing happening between us in Derby. He told me it was also a kind of jealousy cos they hardly knew each other before sleeping together and we’ve been going out for ages and have hardly got anywhere.

Then he said he was annoyed that I take more of an interest in other people’s sex live than ours, until I pointed out that we haven’t got one!

We made up eventually and got on with the party before walking back to my village. He stayed in the spare room again and so did I for most of the night! I just like being able to cuddle in a nice warm bed. I mean, we didn’t just cuddle.


Friday 22nd I went and got back in bed with Jake when I woke up this morning. We stayed there for ages and he told me that if he lived with me he wouldn’t ever want to get out of bed in the morning! I don’t think I would either!

Jake was given some tickets to an indoor fairground thing tonight at the G-Mex in Manchester so he, I, Lizzie and Cat all went. It was a bit small and crap so we ended up in The Dog instead!


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