He thought I was going to dump him – 9th to 12th December 2000

Saturday 9th Jake and I went to that IMAX thing at The Printworks in Manchester. We went to see one called “Extreme” which was a mistake cos it just made me want to go skiing even more! It was quite good but we were really disappointed cos we thought they were all 3D and that one wasn’t.

On the way out, Jake was dawdling so I got pissed off and sped up walking. That was stupid cos we ended up getting split up and I was on my own in the middle of Manchester. I was just beginning to panic when I saw him over the road. He saw me too and must have known I was worrying but he just stood there and didn’t come over.

Once we got back to the car we made up but I was still a bit pissed off cos he left me stood there.


Sunday 10th Jake and I had another fall out tonight. It started off cos of that cowboy hat I bought and him saying I don’t have the self-confidence to wear it, amongst a few other things which upset me too. I told him he could go home if he wanted and he left.

Later on I got bored and felt guilty so I texted him. He sent back a really long apology and came back. He told me he was just sat in a car park in the next village, just in case I forgave him. He then went all cuddly and said he’d dreaded reading my message cos he thought I was going to dump him! I wouldn’t!


Monday 11th Jake and I have been going out for 10 whole months!! That seems like ages!

We went to IMAX again and saw a 3D one called Cyberworld 3D. It was sooo good!

In the car park later, we both got upset because we realised how little time we’ve got left together before he leaves.

As we were driving, he ended up getting caught by both a speed camera and one as he went through and amber light. That’s not good!


Tuesday 12th A few of my mates met up in The Coach tonight and then moved on to The Dog. It was quite good actually. We’ve started to plan our trip to Barcelona. So far, the definites are Jake, Cat, Sarah and I, and the maybes are Hayley, Gethin and Emma.

Again, Jake and I ended up in tears in the car later because of Canada. I really don’t want him to go!


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