I’m responsible and mature and stuff – 6th to 8th December 2000

Wednesday 6th I had my interview thing at Huddersfield today. It was more like an open day though so Dad came with me. We got to see the Storthes Hall accommodation and it really is nice! I really, really want to go there now! The rest was talking about the environmental science and stuff in their department.

There were only 4 of us there. There was a lad called Gordon Purvis who’s on his gap year now, a geeky girl called Rosemary from down south somewhere and a tall lanky lad whose name I don’t know. They all seemed alright.

I was taken for an informal interview with some bloke (one of the many Tonys!) who was nice enough. He said he liked my application cos I’d obviously thought carefully about it. He told me I’ve been predicted a B in Geography and a C in Sports Studies and Biology, and that Mr H [head of our 6th form college] said I’m responsible and mature and stuff like that!

Kickboxing was good again. Dave said that Abby and I are both quite good!


Thursday 7th I went to see The Grinch at the cinema tonight with Jake. I didn’t like it! It was really surreal!


Friday 8th The mocks have finished!!! 🙂 Sarah and I went to the Trafford Centre to celebrate by shopping! I only bought some jeans and a cowboy hat though.

This evening, we all went to Cat’s to watch the Valkenburg video. It was really funny!

Jake and I then ended up back at mine and he got a bit upset over Canada. We settled down on the sofa afterwards and 3 happened to him.


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