He thinks the gap in my teeth is sexy! – 15th to 17th November 2000

Wednesday 15th I’ve had 2 offers from universities! It was really good opening the letters to find out they want me! I got them from:

Hull > Conditional offer > 12 points
Sheffield > Conditional offer > grades B, C and C


Thursday 16th I got a letter from UCAS today to say they’ve received 2 application forms from me. I phoned them up and they confirmed it. Apparently someone’s sent them the copy that should be in college too!

Jake told me thought that he thinks the gap in my teeth is sexy! I don’t think so!

I’ve got a cold. 😦


Friday 17th  The college all went in school uniform today for Children In Need cos it was non-uniform day for the school!


[Left to right: Back – Suzie, me, Sarah and Cat. Karen. Front – Isaac and Hayley.]

My voice has gone funny but Jake told me it’s nice husky (cos of my cold!) and then that I’m beautiful and then that he liked my hair how I wore it with my uniform (in 2 small bunches!).



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