He stabbed me with a needle – 3rd to 7th November

Friday 3rd Jake drove me round to the doctor’s this morning because I’ve had a numb right hand since Wednesday. I first noticed it when I was washing my hair. It’s really weird and, cos I can’t feel my hand properly, it takes me ages to write stuff.

The doctor twisted my hand about a bit, he stabbed me with a needle and he told me it looks like I’ve irritated a nerve. I’ve got to take Ibuprofen for a while.

It was the garden centre bonfire and firework display tonight at the garden centre itself so, because Abby’s boyfriend works there, Jake and I were allowed to go. It was good but it rained a lot!


Monday 6th My hand’s got really bad and I can’t keep up with my note taking in college and it’s such a mess.

I’m worried!


Tuesday 7th I didn’t go to college today cos I’m not getting anything done and Mum thinks it might help if I don’t write for a bit cos it could be making it worse.

I went to see Coyote Ugly at the Trafford Centre cinema with Jake tonight. It was quite good actually but Jake obviously fancied the main character in it!


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