They were making dodgy noises ALL NIGHT! – 28th October 2000

Saturday 28th We went to the Rotherhithe Youth Hostel first this morning so we didn’t’ have to carry all our bags around with us. While we were there, Cat announced that we were going to the Tate Modern and we would spend at least 3 and a half hours there! Funnily enough, the rest of us weren’t all that keen on the idea!


[Arriving at Rotherhithe Youth Hostel with all my possessions in one plastic bag, it seems. Left to right – Gethin, Floyd, Lizzie, Jake and me.]

If that Millennium Bridge thing hadn’t been shut cos of the wobble then Lizzie, Mike, Jake and I would probably have gone into the Tate Modern so we could cross it. Instead, the 4 of us took a sudden interest in St Paul’s Cathedral until Gethin and Cat were out of site then we pretty much legged it! We did ring just to let them know we’d “lost” them though!

First we went to Hamley’s cos Jake wanted to go in for some reason and then Camden Market. I like it there. If you get bored, you can just do a bit of people-watching! We wandered round for ages and it was chucking it down with rain. We brought some stuff e.g. a lighter saying “tosser” on it for Gethin as an apology for putting him through the Tate Modern experience with Cat!

After getting a bit lost in Camden trying to find the tube station, we headed for Notting Hill just to have a look. We took 2 steps out of the station and went back to Rotherhithe cos the weather was awful and we were soaking.


As soon as the other 2 got back they pissed the rest of us off (especially Cat) cos they’d been looking through our shopping and Gethin told us he’d seen his present when we gave it him. I had a bit of a go at them cos no-one else bothered and Jake told me later that Lizzie said she likes me cos I say what I think. Perhaps that’s not always a good thing though!

We all got a bit drunk later (except Cat who got VERY drunk!) so it was quite funny. Cat phoned up Crown Cars taxi firm in Warrington and asked for a taxi to Clapham Common! The bloke played along with it so it was really good! She also phoned ABBA Cabs and asked for Bjorn but the woman just told her to grow up!


[Lizzie’s lovely legs.]

Rotherhithe has a reputation for being a bit of a dodgy area apparently so when we saw 2 scally lads outside, we weren’t surprised. Lizzie, Cat, Gethin and I went to the window to have a look but when I moved away, they were telling the others to get me back to the window. Jake got all protective even though I stayed away and shoved me further into the room. He sulked for a bit and then apologised, saying he just doesn’t like other lads looking at me like that.

Cat didn’t move out of Floyd’s bed even when the lights went out and they were making dodgy noises ALL NIGHT! It was so annoying (and a bit disgusting)! However, Jake and I wouldn’t have slept much anyway. The usual 3 happened and then 4. It was very good! Afterwards, we were just lying there and he said it was better than he expected. I’m not sure if he was referring to what he’d just done or the trip in general but, whichever, I agree!



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