I had a nosey in Jake’s toiletry bag – 21st October 2000

Saturday 21st I went in to wake Jake up this morning and he said it was really nice having me waking him up. I got in the spare bed with him for a bit but I had to get up eventually cos my dad did a huge fry up, plus I had to go to work at The Green Dragon across the road.

After work, Jake picked me up cos we were going round to Hayley’s sister’s house to help look after the dog. She didn’t want to spend all night on her own so she said we could both stay too. On the way, we stopped off at Victoria Wine and while Jake was buying the drinks, I had a nosey in Jake’s toiletry bag. I know I shouldn’t have done but he looked in a bag from the chemist which is in my room, containing my Dianette.

Anyway, I was expecting it to just be all his hair products and stuff (which it was) but I also discovered a condom in there. He must have been getting his hopes up but I didn’t want to do that tonight cos I’m still on my period.

We didn’t do much when we got to Hayley’s sister’s cos she’d invited this lad called Andy round so Jake and I went to bed to get out of their way. We actually ended up falling asleep pretty quickly and the next thing I knew it was morning.

We just lay there and cuddled for ages and then I grabbed his toiletry bag to test is reactions and, as I expected, he snatched it off me. We ended up falling off the bed though when I tried to get it back!

We decided we could definitely get used to spending all night together cos it’s really nice waking up to each other in the morning.


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