All soppy and touchy feely – 20th October 2000

Friday 20th Finally! A good night out!!

It was my mate Floyd’s birthday today so he had a party in the upstairs room of The Coach and Horses pub in his village. All my mates were there and Jake too and everyone got really drunk and had loads of fun!

Jake wouldn’t dance so I alternated between him and the dance floor. He was pretty drunk too – I know cos he was being all soppy and touchy feely a bit too. He made me walk home as well cos he couldn’t be bothered waiting an hour for a taxi. I had a job keeping him from staggering off the pavement into the road!

He’s staying at mine tonight cos Mum said he might as well have the spare room rather than get a taxi home on his own cos it’d be expensive. It’s really frustrating knowing he’s only a few metres away and I can’t see him for fear of my parents spotting me!


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