We’ve heard so many stories of people breaking up – 19th October 2000

Thursday 19th

(Tues 17th Oct = P.) [Period]

I’ve finally handed in my UCAS form to the head of my college. I’ve applied for:

My first choice would be the Env. Science with Geog. at Hudds but I wouldn’t mind doing the other one there. I really want to go there cos it’s nice and Jake’s there (which I realise isn’t necessarily a good thing) and that’s a sandwich course too, which the others aren’t. I hope I get an offer from there.

I discovered today that if I went to Hull, I’d be at the Scarborough campus but I don’t mind that really.

Jake doesn’t want to get split up either cos we’ve heard so many stories of people breaking up cos they’re in different places. But then he told me today that 2 of his mates ate at the same place and they’re a couple and they hate it cos the people who they share halls with think they’re boring cos they’d rather be alone together than socialising. Mind you, I’m not anything like them and I realise that I’d need to share my time between Jake and other people, which maybe they didn’t.

Jake’s pretending that I’ve not even applied for Huddersfield so that if I don’t get in he won’t be disappointed! Fair enough!


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