Full of bitchy girls – 14th to 16th October 2000

Saturday 14th It was Ewan Swann’s 18th birthday party tonight at the Sports Club. I don’t like him cos he’s a prat and he also didn’t invite me but I went along anyway! I went with Sarah, Hayley and Jake, and Sarah met her boyfriend Maz P (who’s up from Derby Uni) there.

Ewan’s party was full of bitchy girls who think they’re all drop-dead gorgeous and hardly any lads (how obvious can he be?!) so it was a bit crap for my mates so we sat in the pub part instead of the hall where the party was.

Jake and I got all apologetic about last night but he ended up crying a bit (very unusual) because the subject of us getting split up when he goes to Canada for 3 months came up. I feel so sorry for him when he gets upset (even though he gets to ski and I’m stuck here!) and I just want to hug him. So I did!

Ewan’s finished quite early so everyone went back to Evie Evans’s house for a party but we didn’t stay very long cos none of our other mates went.


Sunday 15th This evening, Jake and I went to the Trafford Centre for some tea but then spent hours sat in the car on a car park in the next village just talking. It was mainly about uni because I’m panicking about filling in my UCAS form and he did it all last year.

He mostly reassured me about things but I’m still worrying, mainly cos I don’t really want us to get split up by a large distance.


Monday 16th Jake and I went to the Trafford Centre again tonight but this time it was to get Floyd a birthday present and to see Road Trip at the cinema. The film was really funny and really good!

Afterwards, we sat in Starbucks for a bit and then sat in the car park in the next village and moaned at each other about uni and Canada!


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