I really wanted to dance – 12th & 13th October 2000


[This is diary number 20, held together with gaffer tape because I’d stuck so much crap in it.]


Thursday 12th My boyfriend, Jake and I have been going out exactly 8 months today! That’s actually quite scary because whenever I heard of other people being together that long, I thought it seemed like ages and that I’d never do it! I’m glad I have though – it’s nice!

I’ve not had time to write in my diary as much as usual because I’ve had so much coursework for my A Levels. Not all that much has happened though recently. I went into Warrington on Friday night with my mates and made the mistake of persuading Jake to come with me. He just sat down all night in Mr Smith’s when I wanted to dance with my mates but I didn’t want to leave him. I ended up in tears because I didn’t see my mates all night so I felt left out and I really wanted to dance. Jake ended up feeling really guilty then. I suppose at least I know not to take him clubbing in future!

I had a slightly better night on Saturday. I got a Chinese takeaway with Jake and then we came back here to my house. Everyone was in bed and it was dark so we went and watched TV in the front room. We ended up kissing and cuddling and then 3.

That is about all that’s happened because I’ve been stuck at home doing my bloody coursework!


Friday 13th Tonight, Sarah, Hayley, Jake and I went for a drive in Jake’s car because we had nothing else to do. It was fun actually! We went to Knutsford, Over Peover (which we found amusing!), Jodrell Bank and Wales. Then we got bored and came home via Chester. The furthest we got was Mold so Jake could put petrol in the car.

I got a bit pissed off with Jake cos he didn’t stop anywhere after he’d taken the other 2 home so I didn’t give him a kiss goodbye. He sped off pretty quickly so I got the impression he wasn’t very pleased with me for that.

I ended up feeling really guilty and sent a message to his phone apologising and explaining I wasn’t too happy about him just dropping me off at home like he’d done with the other 2. He replied, “OHH I’M SORRY! DIDN’T REALISE! I KNOW YOU’RE NOT JUST ONE OF MY MATES! YOU’RE A LOT MORE SPECIAL TO ME AND I LOVE YOU!”

Now I feel even worse cos that was so sweet!


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