It seemed to last forever! – 23rd to 25th September 2000

Saturday 23rd I worked today (boring!) but went and sat down the lane with Jake tonight and we saw a shooting star! It was sooo cool!! We were cuddling up and both happened to be looking out of the window at the same time and we saw it! 🙂

There were fireworks round town too!

We just talked until we fell asleep and then he took me home. He said he didn’t want to wake me up cos I looked really sweet!


Sunday 24th I worked for 6 hours today and it seemed to last forever! I’m getting so sick of that job again! They’ve not even paid me for this month yet.

I saw Jake again tonight and we went and sat down that lane again! It was a bit boring so we ended up going home quite early.


Monday 25th I saw Jake in my frees today and he took me, Sarah and Hayley to McDonald’s for lunch.

It’s his birthday on the 3rd October and I didn’t have a clue what to buy him but then Mum told me that some lad at her school brought one of those remote control dogs in and it looked a bit like Mollie. So seeing as Jake seems to quite like Mollie and keeps saying he wants one like her, Mum took me to Toys R Us tonight to get one. They’re like a cheap version of those Sony ones but it’s still good. I hope he likes it!


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