Poor, working, tired or staying in to watch the last Big Brother – 15th September 2000

Friday 15th My Grandma S has come to stay at our house for a bit until the petrol shortage ends cos her house is quite far away and Mum wouldn’t be able to go and see her as often. So, Mum asked me to come home in my free lessons to check she was okay. Jake came with me and Grandma was still in bed but at least I got to see him for a couple of hours and we booked our flights to London.

Nobody was going out tonight cos they were either poor, working, tired or staying in to watch the last Big Brother (sad!) so Jake and I didn’t have much to do. We didn’t really want to sit in a pub on our own so we went and got a Chinese and he parked his car down the track up the back of the school field so we could eat it. That’s where we ended up staying though cos we had nothing else to do.

We pushed the front seats forward and sat in the back so we had more room. We talked for ages and at one point he started going on about people who had fancied him/he fancied before me/he’d snogged. Not good!

He then told me:

  • He’d been really pissed off when he liked me cos he couldn’t go to one of Freda’s parties and he knew I was going.
  • That he’d been really jealous of his brother cos I was on the ski trip.
  • That after he’d had assembly, he used to try and get out fast so he could see me (we sat in the common room cos his assembly was held where we usually sat).

I had his sheep-like Quiksilver fleece on in the back of the car at one point cos I was cold and he said I looked really cute in it!


[Jake’s sheep fleece.]

Then we started kissing and the usual 2 things happened (3). I thought he was going to try and take it further at one point cos he sort of pressed himself up against me but I ignored it.

I think I fell asleep for a few minutes at one point so he took me home after that. I got a message from him saying, “I LOVE YOU LOADS TOO! YOU MAKE ME SOOO HAPPY! : ) I’M SOOO GLAD THAT I WENT AND FOUND YOU THAT MONDAY MORNING AFTER THE PARTY! YOU’RE THE BEST THING TO EVER HAPPEN TO ME! I LOVE YOU!!! : ) xxx JAKE xxx”. Aahhh! 🙂


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