He wants to kidnap me – 6th to 8th September 2000

Wednesday 6th I saw Jake after college today and we both ended up really depressed cos we don’t see each other as much as we’d like to. He told me that even his dad commented that we see less of each other.

We were sat in his car and I was trying to fix a wool thing in it but I was unsuccessful and he told me I’d never make a good mum if I can’t knit! I’m not planning on becoming one just yet! He also decided that he wants to kidnap me and run away to Scotland and live on an island in a tent in a field! Hmmm, I don’t think he’s thought that through!

I got my orange belt (finally!) at kickboxing tonight! J

Ooh, just found some more texts from Jake yesterday. He said, “AAH! : ) YOUR MESSAGES ARE SO SWEET – I’M GONNA START HUGGING MY PHONE SOON! YEH ONE DAY! THAT WOULD BE SO NICE! : ) I COULD HAVE YOU ALL TO MYSELF ALL NIGHT WITH LOTS OF HUGS/CUDDLES… (AND STUFF!!!) I SUPPOSE IF WE DIDN’T GET UPSET OR MISERABLE THEN WE WOULDN’T LOVE EACH OTHER AS MUCH AS WE DO! SO IT’S A GOOD THING! x”. The “one day” bit was in response to me saying maybe one day we could live together (which was in response to one he sent yesterday).


Thursday 7th Boring day! I saw Jake briefly after college but then I had to work. It was really quiet and I’ve decided I hate it again.


Friday 8th Did ‘The Run’ tonight. [A pub crawl through my village and the next one.] We didn’t actually go in all the pubs along the road but we were going to. We went in The Dog then The Cosy Jack and then The Green Dragon (aarrgghh!!) to get Gethin. We then walked back to the next village cos Hayley said we could go to hers (I think she fancied our Geordie friend, Geordie Chris, who’s down) but Jake and I got depressed again and walked slowly.

I’m seriously considering quitting at The Dragon cos I’ve not got time to do my coursework and see Jake, plus I’m exhausted all the time. I don’t know what to do!


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