Everybody jumping on everybody else – 31st August 2000

Thursday 31st This diary is getting way too full but I’ve got yet more e-mails to stick in now. →

Jake cruise email 13Reply to Jake email 13

My mum’s just told me that Mrs Quinn’s died. She’s the mother of Megan Quinn who I was best friends with all the way through primary school and my parents have known her and her husband since I was born, I think. It’s really sad. It was caused by a blood clot in her brain everyone thinks but no-one’s sure. She’s been in hospital for a few weeks though.

I really want/need to see Jake! I can’t stand this much longer! It’s horrible now I know he’s on his way home but I’ve got to wait until Saturday to see him. The time’s going sooo slowly!

I’ve just checked my e-mail for one last time today to see if Jake’s replied to the one I sent him earlier but he hasn’t. I’m not pleased. I asked him to mail me lots today yesterday and he said he’d send me another if I replied to him tonight but he hasn’t. He shouldn’t have got my hopes up cos I’ve been wasting time checking if he’s sent me one all night.

I’m partly pissed off but I’m also worried cos he doesn’t usually say he’ll do something and then doesn’t. I hope nothing’s happened. If he’s okay then he’d better have a good excuse!

I’ll probably get an e-mail tomorrow telling me had had another all-nighter tonight and then going into more details about what fun he had etc. Yes, I am still jealous! I’m also more worried after what he told me on the phone yesterday about everybody jumping on everybody else on the last night. He’s probably not telling me everything anyway cos if the reaction he got to the 2nd mail he sent me when I was in Wick!

Hang on, I’ve just thought, he might well have fallen asleep if he was up all last night! I hope that’s his reason for not replying!


P.S. I’ve just sent Jake a 2nd mail anyway saying something like, “Did you get my last mail or are you just not bothering to reply?” I wish I hadn’t now cos he’ll think I’m all moody again!

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