One grotty chippy – 26th August 2000

Saturday 26th There was thunder and lightning during the night so I made Sarah come and sleep on the camp bed in my room cos I was scared! I don’t know why but it’s much less scary when I’m not on my own! I couldn’t actually see the lightning cos it was behind next door’s house. The sky just lit up a bit.

Went into town and then the Trafford Centre in search of black shoes for work tomorrow. I got some Pods in the end. I’m not actually that nervous about starting work….. yet!

I sent Jake a message apologising for the daft e-mail I sent him but he texted me back saying, “DON’T APOLOGISE – IT WAS REALLY FUNNY AND MADE ME SMILE! I COULD STEAL A LIFEBOAT AND COME HOME BUT I DON’T KNOW HOW TO GET HOME! CAN’T WAIT TO SEE U! I’M MISSIN U AND I LOVE YOU TOO!”

I actually don’t seem to be missing him as much as I did when he went round Europe. I suppose it could be cos I know it’s not for as long this time, plus I saw him loads before he went and we were starting to fall out a but I think it’s mostly cos I’ve had other stuff to take my mind off him e.g. starting at The Green Dragon, Grandma L being ill and coursework. I still want him back though!

I went with Mum and Dad to pick Abby and Connor up from Holyhead tonight cos they’ve been to Dublin for the day. We were there for sooo long and there’s nothing of interest in Holyhead. I wasn’t even nice and there was one grotty chippy open.

We got back really late and I’ve just read this e-mail from Jake. →


I sent this one back to him. →



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