Drank half my peach vodka and played the Game of Life – 25th August 2000

Friday 25th I went round to Sarah’s today so we could give each other some help with the Biology coursework. We didn’t do much in the end cos Gethin phoned Sarah and Jake phoned me. I’d had lots of Coke so I’d probably overdosed on caffeine which is why I kept talking total rubbish at him! I don’t think anything too interesting was said.

Sarah and I went to The Dog on our own tonight cos Hayley was out and Gethin was working and we couldn’t be bothered ringing round everyone else. We called in The Green Dragon on the way to say hi to Gethin. He introduced me to a girl called Vicky. She seemed nice enough so I’m not as worried about starting work myself on Sunday.

We got to The Dog and saw Rach H (a bitch from the year above us) stood outside so we walked straight back to my house again, bought a bottle of wine from The Cosy Jack pub, drank it, drank half my peach vodka and played the Game of Life. It was a night in but it was actually quite fun!

I got the e-mail at the top of this page from Jake tonight. →

Jake cruise email 5

When I read it, I sent this drunken one back! →

Reply to Jake email 5

I’m gonna be embarrassed probably!


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