I hope he wasn’t being seriously slimy! – 24th August 2000

Thursday 24th I got this e-mail from Jake today. →

Jake cruise email 4

It’s not very long cos it was just to let me know the new e-mail address he’s using. He said he wasn’t getting my mails to him so he’s trying a new address. I hope this one works.

I spoke to him on the phone today anyway. He was in Corsica on a pink beach with a lizard on his bag or something! It was a more cheerful conversation than the one on Tuesday cos we didn’t get onto the subject of Canada. It came up but we didn’t go into it.

Mum was there when he phoned and she asked me to ask him how the food was. The little creep said, “Nice but not as good as her cooking!” I hope he wasn’t being seriously slimy!

My mum told me today that Jake comes across as being an intelligent sort of lad and that he’s very nicely spoken!

I did send a few texts to Jake today to ask when he’s going to Scotland with his Venture Scouts. He told me that’ll be at the end of September but he’s going again for a few days in October to visit friends and to scatter his mum’s ashes. I can’t help but wonder where they’re being kept now.

I went with Mum up to Grandma S’s again today cos she and Auntie G had met up with Auntie Jean + Uncle Alf + Auntie May at the hotel nearby. Uncle Alf knew Grandad from when they were quite young. Alf’s a few years older than my grandad was and Mum told me that they used to live nearby each other and one day Uncle Alf went round to where Grandad lived and asked, “Can I play with your little boy?” and they were friends ever since.

Uncle Alf wrote a letter to my mum recently asking if he could see a log book which she has of my grandad’s from the war so she took it with her today.

Alf letter page 1 2000

Alf letter page 2 2000

Grandad with bicycle

[Grandad and his bike. I guess he had a photo taken there because of the W Simpson sign in the background!]


[The log book from when he was an observer/navigator during the Second World War.]

Grandad RAF Egypt

[Grandad (left) and his mate Les during the war. He never wanted to (and never did) get in a plane again once it was over.]

 He and Auntie May were really nice. He kept telling us loads of stories about what he and Grandad got up to and Auntie May was really sweet and smiley! I think Mum thought I was bored but I wasn’t really!

Abby got her GCSE results today. The swotty little cow (yes I am jealous!) got 2 A*s and the rest As. Oh, except a B in either French or English Speaking + Listening but it rounded up to an A. That makes me feel thick!

Robbie Taylor did well too. Jake told me he got 4 As, 3 Bs and 3 Cs. His are the only other ones I know.


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