I’m an interesting and fun person – 2nd August 2000

Wednesday 2nd Jake came round to my house again today but we didn’t do much at all. We just talked, tickled each other, you know, the usual stuff.

He did tell me at one point that I’m an interesting and fun person (hmmm!) and then when he’d gone home, he backed it up with a text saying, “I’M GONNA HAVE TO GET A LIFT IN MY SISTER’S TAXI TO THE STABLES – SO I’LL BE AT YOURS FOR ABOUT 11:00 TMW! THAT’S IF YOU WANT MY COMPANY!?? TODAY WAS FUN – STILL CAN’T STOP GIGGLING/SMILING! YOU REALLY DO MAKE ME SOOO HAPPY COS YOU’RE SUCH A HAPPY/FUN PERSON TO BE WITH! LOVE YOU! : ) xxx JAKE xxx”.

It sounds like I should be on some little kids programme, like Playbus or something!



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