Jake is such a bad loser! – 27th July 2000

Thursday 27th Gethin, Lizzie, Floyd, Karen Brent, Jake and I all wet round to stop over at Cat’s tonight. There was a really bad (and loud!) thunderstorm so we all stayed in and played Monopoly. Jake is such a bad loser! I got Park Lane and he had a right fit! Same when Floyd got the stations!

I was really tired a bit later on and seemed to have a blocked up nose. Jake kept asking me if I was okay and if I was ill but I didn’t want him thinking I was again so I ended up snapping at him. We both sulked for a bit then I apologised and he told me that it’s just cos he cares that he kept asking and we made up.

We shared the spare bed and we didn’t get much sleep. He kept kissing me and 3 happened. Really tired now! So…


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