There were nudists in some bushes – 23rd July 2000

Sunday 23rd Last night, Cat went off to sleep in Archie Quinn’s (a Year 9!) bed and Emma was in Alan Hanlon’s (another Year 9!) so when Francesca Canning was brought to our room in a very drunken state, it was Maeve Ackerley and I that had to clean up after her! She’d managed to be sick down the toilet but dribbled everywhere else! Surprisingly, she seemed okay this morning!


[Cat, pre-Year 9 bed.]

Today we went to visit the Vaals Maze in the morning. I hadn’t been able to sit on the coach next to Jake on the way there cos we’d got on it a bit late so when we eventually found our way out of the maze (in which we got wet cos there were fountain things in it!) he went all quiet cos I’d asked Cat if she’d let me sit next to Jake but she flatly refused to sit next to Charlie who he’d been sat with (and fair enough!).

He was sulking really badly and eating one of the Rocket ice lollies wearing his dad’s coat which is a bit big for him so he looked like a little kid! It was dead cute and made me laugh but he said it wasn’t funny that we couldn’t sit with each other.


Gethin noticed eventually and said he’d sit next to Cat and Charlie could sit where he had so we could sit together. Jake then cheered up pretty quickly.

This afternoon we went to the chocolate museum in Cologne. The smell was sooo nice! After that we were allowed to wander round Cologne but most of us ended up sitting on the steps of the museum cos we’re all knackered!

Maisie Jones and Keira Osborne then decided that Jake and I are a really sweet couple and don’t get on anyone’s nerves. That was nice to hear cos I worry about that sometimes.

Before we got back on the coach, we went on a boat ride on the Rhine. It was boring and there were nudists in some bushes along the banks of the river.


[Nudist spotting on the boat.]

On the coach back to Valkenburg, I had my fleece over me and Jake undid the zip on my pants but I stopped him doing anything cos there were way to many people around us.

This evening, Jake and I got my room to ourselves cos everyone else went to some Scottish pub called the Queen Victoria in Valkenburg. He persuaded me to get on my bed and we started off just kissing then some 3. We snogged more then nothing much happened cos Francesca came in (plus he’s not really got the hang of it yet!). He told me he loves me again before he had to leave. Ahh! 🙂


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